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Rose Choi (Hangul: 로즈최) is the main character in Age Matters. She was first introduced in Episode 01 where she was shown distressed over turning 30 with no job. Rose soon meets Daniel Yoon who offers her a replacement job and she becomes his temporary assistant. Now, she's currently Daniel's Yoon wife.


Rose has greenish black hair that is feathered. She seems to have lip gloss on very much and has brown eyes. You either see her with her hair in a ponytail or her hair down. Rose seems to be short.


Rose is strong willed and caring trying to do her best job for Daniel but also care for him. She keeps a lot in though with her recent engagement being broken off by her ex. Rose honestly is very caring but gets annoyed when people push too hard.


Rose was pretty normal and went to university as an average student. She had many jobs and over socialized much. Along her journey Rose met her best friend Yura who she was currently residing in.

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Her family has collected debt. She didn't finish university.

A recurring problem in the series is her ex-boyfriend who cheated on her. But by confiding in Daniel, however, she has learned to move on.


Rose being the main character starts off in sad mood as she will soon turn thirty and be considered old. Rose's best friend Yura who she was currently living with then has to leave with her boyfriend for a trip and Rose will take over her work position. Rose then realizes she will have to work for Lime CEO Daniel Yoon who she has a very bad impression on at first. Daniel then offers Rose a job for the time Yura is gone as his assistant and Rose takes it gladly.