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Dylan Chen is the second lead character in Age Matters. He first appears in the 11th episode along side another character. He is later presented in episode 22 and 23 where he introduces himself to Rose Choi and tries to charm her.[]


Dylan is outgoing and makes a good impression although the series is a love triangle and is funny. Dylan has ashy grey hair with light pink eyes. He has a strong v-shaped jawline and a shaved eyebrow line. He's well built and tall. He is depicted as handsome or "hot" as Rose put it (in episode 23 where they officially meet).


Dylan is an "interesting" character. He uses his charms and good looks to his advantage. He tries to win Via over by making her jealous by hanging out with Rose which eventually develops into a good friendship. He has a younger brother and is also shown to be more kid -like. (And a one-sided love triangle) Dylan has different sides of him, while at first, he may seem concieted, he is a pretty funny (sometimes unintentionally) character with a lot of personality, caring towards those close to him,will always be there for his friends, willing to cheer them up.