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Photo of Daniel Yoon

Daniel Yoon is one of the main protagonists in the webtoon, Age Matters. Daniel Yoon is the founder and CEO of lime.


Rose Choi[]

Rose Choi is the main love interest of Daniel Yoon. He has a very bad attitude towards her, he would make her do tasks quite often. The first job he gave her was a housemaid but soon later fired Rose. Later in the series he makes her his secertary. But eventually he ends up falling in love with her. He confesses to her but Rose refuses his feelings, later on Rose accepts his feelings and they start to spend more time with each other. Soon they officially decide to date each other. He becomes very protective of Rose and tries to flirt with her many times. The series ends with them getting married.

Andrew Lee[]

Daniel has very few friends but his closest is Andrew Lee AKA the second CEO of Lime.

Ruby Zhao

Ruby Zhao is from the weathly Zhao family and is his cousin and advisor.


Daniel explains that LIME is a social interaction app. He had started the company not too long after finishing high school. Though his family disapproved of it, his company has done quite well. Approaching the 4th year anniversary, he meets Rose Choi, who later, as stated above, becomes his love interest