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Age Matters is WEBTOON comic series created by WEBTOON user "Enjelicious." The series is centered around the love story of two individuals, Rose Choi and the wealthy Daniel Yoon. Although Rose is several years older, Rose and Daniel's relationship blossoms throughout the series once she begins working for him after an interesting turn of events. As the series progresses, the two brighten and become involved each other's lives in different ways, Daniel showing Rose real love after (her) being cheated on by a fiancée, and Rose being by his side despite his complicated family matters.

Side Plots

The story also focuses on the lives of several side characters and side plots, most noticably:

  • Dylan's one-sided love for Rose and his struggle with caring for Skye, etc.
  • Ruby Zhao's involvement and hard work in her family business, her friendship with Daniel, and affection for Henry Pomeroy
  • Rose's ex Jackson who wants to get back with her (little is known about this plan), accompanied by Daniel's ex-secretary
  • The love triangle of Via, Dylan, and Cindy
  • How Ruby and Daniel are connected
  • more :)

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